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Lucille Ball
Lucille, as a glamourous MGM star c. 1942

Lucille- age 21 I'm 19 years old and a HUGE fan of classic movies and classic stars. Lucille Ball is the one that opened the door to that when I was 11 years old and fell in love with "Lucy". Although I love "I Love Lucy" as much as the next fan, I also adore her movies, so in this site I want to spotlight on her career as a film actress in the 30's and 40's more than on her television career, but as you can see I do have small, separate "Lucy" section. Before her work in television, in the 30's and early 40's, Lucille was "The Queen of the B's" at RKO, often playing wise-cracking, "tough broad" roles. From the very beginning, even though she started as a glamour girl, she was never afraid to take pratfalls or look un-glamourous for the cameras. This willingness is what lead her into comedy early on. Even in her earliest roles her delivery of a wisecrack was flawless. She made dozens of movies in just her first few years in Hollywood- always learning, always improving and always capturing the spotlight, even in her smallest parts. Of course her lasting legacy remains in television, with the character of the scatter-brained Lucy Ricardo. For this she deserves the legendary status she has achieved. So here goes my tribute to one of the most talented actresses the world has ever seen.

Last updated: August 9, 2002

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Lucille Ball: The Glamour Days

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