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Credits for Information:

All writings found within this site are my own original work. The following are the
main sources of information I used to do my writing:


Love, Lucy by Lucille Ball
A Book by Desi Arnaz
Lucy in the Afternoon by James Brochu
Desilu by Coyne Steven Sanders and Tom Gilbert
I Loved Lucy by Lee Tannen
Lucille: The Life of Lucille Ball by Kathleen Brady
"I Love Lucy" by Michael McClay
For the Love of Lucy by Ric B. Wyman


Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie
Finding Lucy

Lucy and Desi: The Scrapbooks- Vol. 1: "Made For Each Other"

Web Site:
Internet Movie Database- for their information on her early films


All photos on this site are here soley for entertainment purposes. I do not profit it any way from their use. All images remain copyright their respective owners. I have no intention of copyright infringement. If there's material here for which you own the copyright and you object to it's use on this site, please email me and I will remove it. I do not know the copyright owners for every picture but the likenesses of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, I believe, are Copyright Desilu, Too, L.L.C. and "I Love Lucy" is a registered trademark of CBS Worldwide Inc.

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