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I know there are a ton of them, but I haven't looked through many Lucille Ball sites. Here
are a couple that I like. If anyone with a Lucy site would like to do a link exchange please
email me and I'll be happy to!

TV Now: Lucille Ball: Find out when her movies will be on TV
The Lucille Ball File: A wonderful, comprehensive tribute
The Lucille Ball Family Web Site: Just what the title says! :-)
The Official Site of the Lucy-Desi Museum: in Lucy's hometown
Lucille Ball, The Queen of Comedy: Tons of info and pics!
America's Favorite Red Head: Great pics and a lot of fun stuff
Classic Actresses: Site dedicated to Lucy and other classic stars

Please visit my tribute to Rita Hayworth:
Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess

If anyone wants to link to this site you may use this banner:
Lucille Ball: The Glamour Days

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