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Here's a short "I Love Lucy" quiz, just for fun. As an avid "Lucy" fan I love doing these
little quizzes, like in the book The "I Love Lucy" Book of Trivia, so I'm sure other fans
will enjoy it too. I suppose I'll change the question every once in a while! Enjoy!

  1. Who is "Mr. Livermore"?

  2. Carolyn Appleby was also called ______ early on.

  3. What is the name of the Parisian designer Lucy is dying to own a dress from?

  4. Whom does Lucy refer to as her "idol", her "dream man"?

  5. What song does Lucy play at the rodeo in "Lucy Goes to a Rodeo"?

  6. Who is the star of the movie they go to see in "Changing the Boy's Wardrobe"?

  7. What star did Lucy hear "wears nothing but black lace underware"?

  8. What are the four ingredients of Lucy's "scalp treatment" in "Ricky Thinks He's Getting Bald"?

  9. Where did Ricky hid his gift for Lucy is "Sentimental Anniversary"?

10. What's the name of Ethel's newspaperman ex-boyfriend in "Ethel's Hometown"?

11. In which episode does Ethel say, "Ethel to Tilly, Ethel to Tilly...Come in Tilly"?

12. What is the name of the candy factory that employs Lucy and Ethel for a day?

13. What song does Lucy play on the ukelele with Little Ricky's band?

14. What star did Lucy have autograph an orange for her?

15. What error does Lucy find on she and Ricky's marriage license?


  1. The tutor in "Lucy Hires and English Tutor" (Epidode #53)
  2. Lillian Appleby
  3. Jaques Marcel
  4. Richard Widmark
  5. "Down By the Old Mill Stream"
  6. Marilyn Monroe
  7. Ava Gardner
  8. oil (1), vinegar (2), eggs (3) and mustard plaster (4), covered by a stocking
      and "baked" in a heat cap.

  9. in the piano bench
10. Billy Hackett
11. Episode #7- "The Seance"
12. Kramer's Kandy Kitchen
13. "Has Anybody Seen My Gal?"
14. Robert Taylor
15. It lists her husband as "Ricky Bacardi"

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